Suzhou Village™


Suzhou Village is easily accessible from the Yangcheng Lake Avenue exit of the Nanjing–Shanghai Expressway, connecting Nanjing, Changzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou and Shanghai.

Suzhou Village is also well served by two high-speed rail lines connecting Shanghai to Nanjing and Beijing. The Village is located within ten minutes of one of the Suzhou Industrial Park stations, from where visitors can take a free shuttle to the Village. Construction of an additional Suzhou Industrial Park stop at Suzhou Village is anticipated. Travelling by the Nanjing–Shanghai Intercity Railway takes only 20 minutes from Shanghai and one hour from Nanjing.

Nearby airports include Wuxi, which is 45 minutes from Suzhou Village; Shanghai Hongqiao’s Terminal Two, which is 40 minutes away and Terminal One 50 minutes, and Pudong Shanghai Airport, which is one hour and 45 minutes from the Village.