11 Villages at The Bicester Village Shopping Collection
11 Villages at The Bicester Village Shopping Collection

Who We Are

The Bicester Collection

A Global Platform of Flagship Retail Destinations

The story of The Bicester Collection begins with the luxury retail development of Two Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

In the early 1990s the founding team of Value Retail defined a new way of shopping with the creation of Two Rodeo Drive, a European style shopping destination distinguished by its curation of luxury brands, elegant architecture, landscaping, and the overall quality of its environment. Beyond a shopping trip, a visit to Two Rodeo Drive was a memorable experience.

The Bicester Collection was born in 1995 when the founders of Value Retail took their innovative concept of Two Rodeo Drive and transported it to a plot of land in rural England. Bicester Village was the first of this new retail concept in Europe, offering 'experiential' shopping as well as value for money.

From a field in rural Oxfordshire to more than 8 countries in 2 continents, 11 Villages and more than 1,300 boutiques in 25 years, The Bicester Collection has come to represent a distinctive shopping experience for the luxury travelling consumer, at home or abroad.

A First for the Retail Sector

In recognition of its success as an innovator in creating shopping tourism destinations, in 2012 Value Retail was the first ever member worldwide of the retail sector to be officially accepted as an Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), a position it still holds today.

An Experience Made by Many Hands

The distinctive shopping experience that awaits at The Bicester Collection is made by many hands ...

The Bicester Collection – Made by Many Hands