Who We Are

Creator and Operator of The Bicester Collection Villages

We are creators of Flagship Retail experiences
serving the discerning travelling luxury consumer at home and abroad in the most coveted locations in Europe and China.

We are retailers serving retailers
supporting our brand partners with discerning customer acquisition through a suite of clienteling initiatives.

We are partners
of strategic global businesses attracting tomorrow’s travelling luxury consumer today.

And we are hosts
welcoming 46 million guests who came to shop with us and dine with us in 2023.

Value Retail

Value Retail is the only business to specialise exclusively in the creation and operation of luxury shopping destinations as a complementary channel to brands’ full price offer. Through its flagship retail experiences, The Bicester Collection reflects the brands’ values and positioning, creating new opportunities for discerning customer acquisition.

The Villages are spacious, open-air pedestrianised streets with a curated selection of the world’s leading brands. Together with restaurants and cafés serving local and international cuisines, each Village offers a relaxing day out, an hour or less from some of the most important gateway cities in Europe and China.

Each Village offers brands exceptional growth, the development of new markets and an introduction to new customers.

Value Retail delivers consistently improving performance, striving to build and maintain long term partnerships with the brands it serves.

Attracting Tomorrow’s Customer Today

A hub for discovery and a channel for full-price customers

Our purpose is to inspire the world’s most discerning customers to discover and embrace the world’s most important brands.

We introduce new customers to our brand partners
Three out of four guests purchase a luxury brand for the first time during their visit to a Village and 37% of them go on to become customers of that brand at full price.

Guests who shop luxury brands within the Collection go on to spend 1.4 times more with the brands at full price than customers who shop only at full price.

Our customer base is young, affluent and international
According to a recent independent study, 47% of guests in the Villages are under the age of 35.

Sources: The Bicester Collection customer surveys 2019 & 2018, American Express and Mastercard customer payment data 2019


Retail productivity
The Villages within The Bicester Collection are widely recognised as the best performing shopping destinations in terms of sales densities in the world.

A model that consistently generates growth
From its beginning with Bicester Village in 1995 (with the exception of 2020/2021), The Bicester Collection in Europe and China has delivered double digit growth in total gross sales every year.

In 2023 total gross sales increased by 16% compared to 2022.

Growing international reach
In 2023 the Collection of Villages in Europe and China attracted 46 million guests, an increase of 13.4% year on year.

In September 2024 The Bicester Collection will open its twelfth Village, at Belmont Park, Long Island U.S.A.

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