Ingolstadt Village


Ingolstadt Village, within a one-hour drive of Munich, is located in the heart of Bavaria, Germany’s wealthiest region, close to the Austrian and Swiss borders. The Village first opened its doors in September 2005.

Known for its beautiful castles, striking landscapes, innovative industry and traditional culture, Bavaria is also Germany’s most visited region. The architecture of Ingolstadt Village is inspired by the tradition of European textile mills and industrial estates of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. With hand-painted detailing drawn from the German decorative arts tradition of the period, the buildings and public spaces interweave art and industry, creating a shopping venue unique in all of Europe. To view Ingolstadt Village's website, please click here.


Host to Armani, Balenciaga, Bally, Boss, Burberry, Coach, Gucci, Loewe, N.Peal, Tod’s, Tumi and Versace, Ingolstadt Village is home to more than 110 boutiques of German and international brands in fashion and lifestyle.

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Almost 70 percent of Ingolstadt Village’s customers travel to the Village from outside the surrounding 45 minute residential area.

The region in which the Village is located enjoys the highest purchasing power in Germany and the lowest rate of unemployment.

In recognition of the important role it has in the region as a tourist destination, Ingolstadt Village (with Wertheim Village) is an official partner of the National Tourist Board of Germany.


Ingolstadt Village is easily accessible from the A9 Autobahn, one of Germany’s most travelled routes and the main tourist link between central/northern Germany and destinations south of the German border. The Village’s own Shopping Express® coach runs between Munich and Ingolstadt Village.

The well-served train station in the town of Ingolstadt is only 15 minutes away from the Village. An hourly coach service operates between the city centre of Ingolstadt and Ingolstadt Village. Munich’s state-of-the-art airport is within easy reach and the Airport’s Express Shuttle coach stops at the Village.