Who We Are

Creator and Operator of The Bicester Collection

We are creators of Flagship Retail experiences
serving the discerning travelling luxury consumer at home and abroad in the most coveted locations in Europe and China.

We are retailers serving retailers
supporting our brand partners with discerning customer acquisition through a suite of clienteling initiatives.

We are partners
of strategic global businesses attracting tomorrow’s travelling luxury consumer today.

And we are hosts
welcoming 46 million guests who came to shop with us and dine with us in 2023.

Retailers Working for Retailers

The Value Retail business philosophy relies on retailers providing retail services to brands. This reflects a department store operating model.

Each Village operates independently. Experienced retail managers, hailing from successful careers with leading luxury and fashion brands, provide bespoke merchandising and marketing services on-site.

In offering brands a superior level of service that resonates with the brands’ own positioning, Value Retail’s approach exceeds the evolving expectations of discerning visitors from around the world.

Villages operated by Value Retail are unique in providing a strong international customer base for the brands’ highest price point merchandise.

Our Clienteling Approach

The Bicester Collection clienteling programmes facilitate authentic, hospitable, and direct engagement with high-spending consumers. Through a variety of personalised interactions – including private client services, Virtual Shopping, Personal Shopping (physically and virtually), corporate partnerships with leading businesses, and private brand events – we are a complementary channel for the acquisition of discerning customers.

Our clienteling programmes create longterm relationships, emotional connections, higher spend, whether virtually or in person, and ultimately greater guest lifetime value.


Strategic locations

The Bicester Collection is a unique global platform, with locations strategically chosen to attract discerning domestic and international customers.

Each Village is conveniently located approximately one hour’s drive from these important cities.

A rare opportunity

Collectively, the Villages represent a unique proposition and are recognised as must-visit destinations for the luxury travelling consumer at home or abroad.

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