Who we are

Unique Characteristics

A Global Platform

Our operating model

We employ 1,200 colleagues, representing more than 45 nationalities with more than 22 spoken languages in eight countries. We draw on talented individuals with industry specific skills and diverse expertise, with a strong overriding retail and hospitality culture.

Creating value in an everchanging marketplace

Value Retail understands the needs of today’s fast changing retail environment, operating an agile and responsive business model to create value out of an ever-evolving marketplace for the world's leading brands.

The Villages operate both individually and as part of a unified global platform. Taking full advantage of shared ideas, goals and synergies across The Bicester Collection, the Villages rapidly implement new initiatives and experiences to the immediate benefit of both brand partners and guests.

In early 2020 Value Retail conceived and implemented across the Collection a suite of new Shopping Protocols, which were to inform the World Travel & Tourism Council’s Leading Global Protocols for the New Normal. We created new services including Digital Queuing as well as Virtual Shopping, which has been successfully implemented by the majority of the brands across the Collection as a new opportunity for discerning customer acquisition, serving guests from the ease of their homes, if they so choose.